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I am a White Sand Salt Water man born and raised on the Lands of Garamilla, within the Larrakia Nation. Art and Culture has played a major role in my life from small boy, shaping every intricacy of my identity today.

My art is a reflection of what I have seen, emotions I have experienced, energies I have interacted with, 


The subject matter of


My art pays homage to my family roots, 


whilst being shaped by the 



, playing with action figures, dressing as bob the builder and captain feather sword, 



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[musoo] noun Kalaw Lagaw Ya

Musu is a word derived from Kalaw Lagaw Ya dialect of the South Western Torres Strait Islands. Which was first learnt to me in my older age by my Grandmother, Norah Houghton (nee Raymond), a strong and well respected Wuthathi, Yadhekanu and Kaurareg Elder based in Darwin, Northern Territory.

The word Musu describes the internal fruit of a germinated coconut. This substance holds the life of a young growing coconut tree, the perfect environment for unbounded potential and growth. 

At this time, the musu coconut can be huscked and cracked open to reveal the soft, marshmellowy musu, encapsulated in a reservoir of rich coconut oil.

Alternatively, by shallowly planting the whole coconut, a new tree will grow, providing shade and fruit for our future generations.

The multifaceted potential of this seed symbolises my outlook on all of our young First Nations people - waiting patiently and growing within until the time is right to share our gifts with the world.

Lucas Schober

I am Lucas Schober. I am a proud descendant of the Pablo Clan from Shelburne Bay in the Cape York Peninsula, a White Sand man of the Wuthathi and Yadhekanu Nations.

My blood ties run from the Kaurareg Nation of Ngurupai, the birthplace of my Gandmothers Father, Big Dato Horace Raymond (born to John Raymond and Janine Abrahams at the northern mangrove birthing site of Ngurupai), down through Injinoo, where my Grandmothers Mother, Edna Anno, and the 6 generations of my Elders - Narapara Pablo's and Concho Malay's children descend from.

My Step-Grandfather, who raised me, my aunties, uncles, and the rest of us grandchildren alongside my Nana is a strong Yindjibarndi man from the Pilbara of Western Australia. My Pop Richard Houghton is the eldest of 7, holding and continuing to share his wealths of knowledge which I honour by acknowledging myself as a Yindjibarndi man.

My Maternal Grandfather is Tomislav Pavlovic. Manpop Tomo immigrated from the town of Brinje, Croatia, to Cairns before moving to Darwin with my Nana and their children, where he continued to nurture and educate us on our Croatian roots before his passing in 2018. Manpop Tomo continues to inspire my work ethic and dedication to my craft as he did, rebuilding the infrastructure and civil-works of Darwin after the impacts of Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Through my Father, I proudly acknowledge my Austrian heritage. With Omi Maria and Poppy Harry both immigrating to Brisbane from the city of Graz after the Second World War. Both grandparents instilled within all of us to respect the lands we walk on, be active within our communities and to love our neighbours. Their long and widespread careers as Chefs and Restaurant Owners across QLD and the NT empowers me to pursue my own artistry, immortalised on the walls of the Brisbane German Club.

Both my Mother and Father raised me to become the man I am today. You can't know where you're going if you dont know where you've been. I wear the lessons they have taught me throughout my upbringing proudly on my sleeve and will continue to make all of my families proud.

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